About Us

Welcome to Kela Boutique! On our store, you will find a collection of carefully curated items brought together by a unifying theme - our favorite fruit, the banana! Here you will find a dynamic assortment of banana-themed apparel, accessories, home items, gifts and more. 

KELA, pronounced "KEH-LA", is the Hindi word for banana. We found this word a fitting representation of our brand as India is the world's largest exporter of bananas, producing over 30 million tons annually and over a quarter of the entire world's supply! Therefore "Kela", in its simplicity and grandeur, is a brand whose reach grows as large as its namesake. 

The banana is a fruit of energyWith their bright color and curvature, bananas symbolize health, wealth and happiness. And in some cultures, the green banana indicates new hopes and opportunities.

The Kela Collection was created with these principles in mind - we've carefully chosen our selection of products to reflect the life and vitality of the banana.

 - Sam Hu, Founder